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17 to 18 June 2019 Barcelona, Spain

Investigating Web 2.0  The rise of evidence on mobile devices

Published 5 months ago (updated 4 months, 3 weeks ago)
This seminar is part of a large-scale project entitled “Investigating web 2.0: practice-oriented training on internet searches for EU legal practitioners”. This seminar aims to share advanced knowledge and the exchange of experience and best practice between judges, prosecutors and lawyers in private practice who deal with criminal proceedings involving e-evidence on mobile devices. Read more
11 June 2019 London, United Kingdom

E-evidence & cybercrime developments in EU criminal law 

Published 2 months ago
The event is part of the seminars organised by the European Criminal Law Association (ECLA UK). More detailed information will follow and can be retrieved from the organiser's webpage. Read more
03 to 04 June 2019 Trier, Germany

Annual Conference on White-Collar Crime 2019  AML, corruption, asset recovery

Published 5 months ago (updated 2 months, 3 weeks ago)
Objective This annual conference will analyse the current European policy and legal framework for countering white-collar crime, as well as changes being proposed and implemented in recent years. It will discuss recent insights, case studies and best practices amongst administrations, lawyers, the judiciary and law ... Read more
27 to 28 May 2019 Lisbon, Portugal

Computer Forensics in Legal Proceedings  The web, the dark/deep web and other sources of evidence available online: what legal practitioners need to know

Published 4 months, 3 weeks ago
The seminar trains EU legal practitioners on the fundamentals of computer forensics enabling them to gain an understanding of the complex challenges related to criminal cases with tech/internet components. This event will focus on dark web investigations. Read more
16 to 17 May 2019 Trier, Germany

Investigating and Prosecuting Offences in Cooperation with the EPPO  Competences of the EPPO and Cooperation with National Authorities

Published 5 months ago
This is the second training seminar in a series of four that makes legal practitioners familiar with the forthcoming European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) - envisaged to become fully operational by the end of 2020. Read more
14 May 2019 London, United Kingdom

EU Criminal law round up special: Where are we now with BREXIT? 

Published 2 months ago
Will we really have Brexited, or just had another round of EU elections, or another Referendum aka People’s Vote? Speaker: Prof. John Spencer Read more
25 to 26 April 2019 Brussels, Belgium

Brexit and the EU Area of Criminal Justice  ECLAN Annual Conference

Published 4 months, 3 weeks ago
In 2019, ECLAN will celebrate its 15th Anniversary, and the annual conference will focus on a very topical issue. Participants will address how judicial and police cooperation in criminal matters would be impacted by Brexit, and under which modalities the future UK-EU cooperation would take place. Read more
15 to 16 April 2019 Brussels, Belgium

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Rights  Legal challenges

Published 5 months ago
The seminar will stimulate legal debate on regulation and the application in practice of legal principles related to Artificial Intelligence in line with the ECHR and the CFR. Read more
04 to 05 April 2019 London, United Kingdom

New EU Rules on e-Evidence  The Proposed European Production and Preservation Orders

Published 7 months, 1 week ago (updated 4 months, 2 weeks ago)
This conference will examine the Commission's proposals (Regulation on European Production and Preservation Orders for electronic evidence in criminal matters; Directive laying down harmonised rules on the appointment of legal representatives for the purpose of gathering evidence in criminal proceedings (COM(2018) 225 and 226)) for a new regime for cross-border evidence-gathering from service-providers. Read more
14 to 15 March 2019 Trier, Germany

Investigating and Prosecuting Offences in Cooperation with the EPPO 

Published 5 months ago
The training event is the start of 4 seminars taking place in Trier. It is part of a project that is co-financed by the Justice Programme 2014-2020 of the European Union and that seeks the momentum to make legal practitioners familiar with the forthcoming European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) - envisaged to become fully operational by the end of 2020. Prosecutors, judges, and defence lawyers from all EU Member States will be brought together in the same training. Read more
15 February 2019 Madrid, Spain

The European Investigation Order and the Code of Best Practices 

Published 5 months ago
The Conference will discuss the results of the EUROCOORD project on the implementation of the European Investigation Order (EIO) and present the Code of Best Practices. The conference will provide the opportunity to discuss the key questions among academics, EU representatives and practitioners on the judicial cooperation within the AFSJ and the fight against cross-border crime. Read more
14 to 15 February 2019 Turin, Italy

The fight against impunity in EU law 

Published 5 months ago (updated 5 months ago)
The conference is funded by the Compagnia di San Paolo, in the framework of the research project of the University of Turin Offenders’ Rehabilitation in the European Union. The conference programme is available here. Read more
17 to 18 January 2019 Brussels, Belgium

Data Protection in the European Institutions  Revised Regulation applicable to EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies

Published 7 months ago
ObjectiveThe seminar aims to provide legal practitioners and data protection specialists with the necessary guidance on how to apply the revised Regulation 45/2001 on data protection in the European institutions, bodies, agencies and offices in practice. It will offer an opportunity to discuss ... Read more
18 December 2018 Brussels, Belgium

Being Profiled: Cogitas Ergo Sum  10 Years of "Profiling The European Citizen"

Published 7 months ago
BEING PROFILED:COGITAS ERGO SUM will be presented and discussed by a panel of policy makers and relevant industry speakers, to celebrate and mourn the increased relevance of Profiling the European Citizen. This event will connect the dots between Profiling the European Citizen (2008) and Being Profiled (2018) by asking the question: "Are we becoming what machines infer about us, or are we?" Read more
14 December 2018 München, Germany

Conference on “The Future Harmonisation of Criminal Sanctions in the EU” on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of ECPI  The Role of Academia in European Criminal Policy

Published 7 months ago
Keynote Speech:Alexandra Jour-SchröderHead of Unit "Criminal Justice", DG Justice, European Commission, BrusselsExperts:Professor Dr. Lorena Bachmeier Winter, Criminal Law Professor, MadridProfessor Dr. Stefano Manacorda, Criminal Law Professor, Naples, LondonProfessor Dr. Frank Meyer, Criminal Law Professor, ZürichProfessor Dr. Valsamis Mitsilegas ... Read more
13 to 14 December 2018 Bucharest, Romania

The EU Conference on The impact of the EPPO Regulation at the level of the national authorities of the participating EU Member States  In the framework of the project Promoting the protection of the financial interests of the EU by supporting the actions of the Member States and the European institutions in the transition towards the European Public Prosecutor's Office

Published 6 months, 3 weeks ago
The National Anti-Corruption Directorate with the support of the Romanian Association for the Research of EU Criminal Law is running the project "Promoting the protection of the financial interests of the EU by supporting the actions of the Member States and the European institutions in ... Read more
06 to 07 December 2018 Strasbourg, France

Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights on Detention in 2017-2018 

Published 8 months ago
The seminar will provide legal practitioners with an update on the case law delivered by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) – mainly in 2017 and 2018 – regarding detention matters. The seminar will explain how legal practitioners can make best use of this case law in their day-to-day practice. Read more
27 November 2018 Brussels, Belgium

Big Data and Cybersecurity in China and the EU: Identifying points of convergence and future cooperation 

Published 7 months ago
The Brussels Privacy Hub is organising a full-day workshop on “Big Data and Cybersecurity in China and the EU: Identifying points of convergence and future cooperation”, to be held on 27 November 2018. The workshop will elaborate upon the notions of Big Data and Cybersecurity, as perceived and used in China and in the EU. Read more
22 to 23 November 2018 The Hague

Freedom AND Security Conference  Killing the zero sum process #kill0sum

Published 8 months, 1 week ago
This conference, organised by ERA in cooperation with Europol's Data Protection Experts Network (EDEN), will take a closer look at topics linking the work of law enforcement and security authorities, and the impact this has on fundamental rights. Read more
22 to 23 November 2018 Utrecht, Netherlands

RENFORCE Conference 

Published 7 months, 4 weeks ago
The RENFORCE conference aims at presenting research results from the RENFORCE research program which applies this approach to the contemporary challenges of European integration, at identifying and at exploring the main trends therein and assessing future prospects. These results will be addressed through three streams, “Migration and Citizenship”, “Criminal Justice”, and “The Market”. Read more
15 to 16 November 2018 Trier, Germany

Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Services in the EU 

Published 8 months ago
This seminar will focus on the amendments to the existing AML regime brought about by the 5th AMLD. Read more
12 to 13 November 2018 Brussels, Belgium

Post-Brexit Cooperation in Criminal Justice 

Published 8 months ago
The UK’s withdrawal from the EU and hence from the European criminal justice area will have significant consequences for judicial cooperation in criminal matters. This conference will focus on the post-Brexit relationship between the EU and the UK in this area. It will give participants an overview of which elements in European criminal justice will be affected and how a future post-Brexit cooperation between the EU and the UK can be designed. Read more
18 to 19 October 2018 Madrid, Spain

Annual Conference on EU Criminal Justice 2018 

Published 1 year ago
This annual conference will facilitate the exchange of experiences among legal practitioners on current developments and future initiatives in the field of EU criminal justice. Read more
13 to 14 September 2018 Utrecht, Netherlands

Conference: Procedural rights in criminal proceedings in the European Union 

Published 11 months, 3 weeks ago
Utrecht University, Leiden University and Maastricht University are organizing a two day conference on Procedural rights in criminal proceedings in the European Union, offering a venue for practitioners and young scholars to exchange experiences and ideas on this subject matter. Read more
02 to 06 July 2018 Brussels, Belgium

Summer School "The EU Area of Criminal Justice"  15th edition

Published 1 year ago
The objective of the Summer School is to provide participants with an extensive knowledge of EU criminal law. The classes are both theoretical and practical. They are conducted by academics, national experts or European officials who deal every day with the European criminal area. Read more
25 to 26 June 2018 Lago d'Iseo, Italy

International Extradition and the European Arrest Warrant  Advanced Seminar

Published 1 year ago
In 2002, the EU replaced traditional extradition - based upon bilateral treaties - with the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). 16 years later, a two-day advanced seminar investigates current worldwide developments in extradition law. Read more
15 to 15 June 2018 Utrecht, Netherlands

Conference: OLAF and the EPPO in the new institutional setting for the protection of the financial interests of the EU 

Published 1 year ago (updated 1 year ago)
Utrecht University, under the auspices of "Renforce" and in the framework of the HERCULE III Programme organizes the conference "OLAF and the EPPO in the new institutional setting for the protection of the financial interests of the EU". Read more