04 to 05 November 2021 Trier, Germany

Annual Conference on Financial Compliance in the EU 2021

Published 11 months ago


The focus of this year’s annual conference is to present and analyse the proposed EU AML/CFT reform package, including the new EU AML/CFT Authority, the new EU AML Regulation (AMLR), the sixth round of revisions to the AML Directive (AMLD 6) and other existing legislation.

Key topics

  • New EU AML/CFT Authority
  • New Single EU AML/CFT Rulebook
  • Proposal for a 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD 6)
  • Proposal for an Anti-Money Laundering Regulation (ALMR)
  • Proposed revision of the 2015 Transfer of Funds Regulation
  • Full application of the EU AML/CFT regime to cryptoassets
  • EU-wide limit on large cash payments
  • Enhanced AML/CFT enforcement against non-cooperative third countries

For more information on the registration process, the conference fees, etc., see the conference website.