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23 to 24 April 2020 Rome, Italy

Healthcare Fraud in the EU  European and National Perspectives

Published 4 months ago (updated 4 months ago)
Fraud, corruption and waste are major threats to the sustainability of healthcare systems in Europe. Criminal networks operating cross-border are attracted by the huge profits to be made through healthcare fraud. Rooting out healthcare fraud is central to the well-being of citizens and the overall economy. Read more
11 to 12 May 2020 Trier, Germany

Applying Procedural Rights in the Case Law of the CJEU 

Published 2 months, 2 weeks ago
The seminar will present the significant case law developed by the Court of Justice of the Europe Read more
14 to 15 May 2020 Leiden, Netherlands

Conference on extradiction and surrender 

Published 1 month ago
Leiden University, Utrecht University and Maastricht University are organizing a two day conference on extradition and surrender, offering a venue for practitioners and young scholars to exchange experiences and ideas on these subject matters. Read more
28 to 29 May 2020

Anti-Money Laundering for the Judiciary and Law Enforcement 

Published 6 days, 15 hours ago
The live streamed seminar will address the current European anti-money laundering landscape and focus on the changes that have and are being implemented since the adoption of the fourth, fifth and sixth Anti-Money Laundering Directives and the new Directive on enhancing FIU cooperation and access to financial information. It will also highlight national challenges and actions that have been taken to address them, including the recently adopted proposals and changes in relation to tackling money Read more
04 to 05 June 2020 London, United Kingdom

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Criminal Justice System  AI to predict crimes and as a criminal intelligence tool

Published 4 months, 1 week ago
The event will focus on how AI could be used to predict crimes and as a criminal intelligence tool, enabling the shift from a traditionally reactionary approach to crime-fighting to one that is more proactive and preventative in character. Read more
22 to 23 June 2020 Sarnico, Lake Iseo, Italy

International Extradition and the Practice of the European Arrest Warrant  V Edition 2020

Published 2 months, 3 weeks ago
The annual seminar on International Extradition and the European Arrest Warrant has attracted over 100 extradition experts since 2016 (programs in Oxford and Lake Iseo, Italy) and is now a well-established tradition for extradition experts around the world. In 2020, this event celebrates its V edition. Recent famous extradition cases will be reviewed and attention will be paid to the most popular lines of argument that are raised in extradition cases. Read more
22 to 26 June 2020 Brussels, Belgium

Summer Academy for Global Privacy Law 2020 

Published 1 month, 1 week ago
The Brussels Privacy Hub (BPH), building on the successful experience of the European Data Protection Law Summer School, is launching the Summer Academy for Global Privacy Law, a prestigious meeting point for scholars and practitioners from Europe and beyond. The Summer Academy will allow participants to update their knowledge on international and European privacy and data protection law, by reviewing the latest policy and legal developments, as well as upcoming trends and challenges, and by int Read more
29 to 30 June 2020 London, United Kingdom

New Perspectives on Jurisdiction and the Criminal Law (W G Hart Legal Workshop 2020)  Call for Papers until 9 December 2019!

Published 4 months ago
The aim of the workshop is to bring together practitioners and academics to reflect on the challenges to concepts of jurisdiction and to stimulate new perspectives on jurisdiction and the criminal law. Read more
29 to 03 June 2020 Brussels, Belgium

The EU Area of Criminal Justice 

Published 1 month ago
The objective of the Summer School is to provide participants with an extensive knowledge of EU criminal law. The classes are both theoretical and practical. They are conducted by academics, national experts or European officials who deal every day with the European criminal area. Read more
24 September 2020 København, Denmark

EU Police and Judicial Cooperation. Where are we going and what are the consequences of the Danish position?  Go Home Meeting

Published 2 days, 20 hours ago
With the Lisbon Treaty, the Danish reservation to the police and judicial cooperation in EU came into force. Since then, the EU Member States have adopted a number of legal acts without the participation of Denmark. Denmark has in various ways sought to associate with … Read more
02 to 07 November 2020 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Prosecuting Environmental and Serious Economic Crimes as International Crimes  Advanced Issues in the EU Criminal Law and Policy

Published 2 months ago (updated 5 days, 12 hours ago)
Serious environmental and economic crimes and violations of economic, social and cultural rights have often been neglected in criminal proceedings and reports of truth commissions that have followed in the wake of economic transitions or conflicts. Read more
05 to 06 November 2020 Vienna, Austria

Collection and Admissibility of Evidence in Europe 

Published 1 month ago (updated 2 days, 18 hours ago)
For its 16th Annual Conference, which will take place in Vienna, on 16 and 17 April 2020, the European Criminal Law Academic Network (ECLAN) has decided to focus on the collection and admissibility of evidence in Europe. Read more