Since 1990, practitioners and academics have created a network of private organisations dealing with European criminal law and the protection of the financial interests of the European Union. As a consequence, today 32 associations from 30 European countries foster the cooperation of academics and practitioners from Member States and candidate countries of the European Union. The aim of this cooperation is to develop a European criminal law which both respects civil liberties and at the same time protects European citizens and the European institutions effectively. In this process, the protection of the financial interests of the European Union has been the motor of the emerging European criminal law and plays a vital role.
Since the 1990's, cooperation between the 32 associations has taken place especially in the form of joint seminars, joint research projects and the annual meetings of the associations' presidents. Beyond this, the exchange of information between the members of the associations is supported by the electronic journal eucrim since 2006.

Austrian Association for European Criminal Law Austria

Österreichische Vereinigung für europäisches Strafrecht (AAECL)

Robert Kert President Contact Point

Aicher-Hadler Vice-President

Andrea Lehner General-Secretary


Centre for the Study of the European Criminal Law Belgium

Centre d'etude du Droit penal Européen


Legal Interaction Alliance Bulgaria

Алианс за правно взаимодействие


Association Croatia

Prof. Dr. Zlata DURDEVIC President & Contact Point Contact Point

Josip Cule Vice-President


Czech Association for the Protection of the Financial Interests of the European Community Czech Republic

Asociace českých právníků na ochranu finančních zájmů evropských společenství


Danish Association of European Lawyers Denmark

Dansk selskab for international strafferet og EU-ret


Estonian Association for Criminal Justice and Legal Protection of Financial Interests of the European Union Estonia

Kriminaaljuriidika ja Euroopa Liidu Finantshuvide Kaitse Eesti Assotsiatsioon


The Finnish Association for European Criminal Law Finland

Eurooppalaisen rikosoikeuden yhdistys ry.


Association of European Criminal Research France

Association de recherches pénales européennes


Association for European Criminal Law Germany

Vereinigung für Europäisches Strafrecht e.V.

The German Association for European Criminal Law was founded in 1990 by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sieber, at that time professor for criminal law, European criminal law and computer law at the University of Würzburg. The German Association comprises over 2000 members. Its main activity focuses on the eucrim project.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Ulrich Sieber President

Thomas Wahl Contact Point


European Lawyers Association for the protection of the financial interests of the European Community Greece

Ένωση Ευρωπαίων Νομικών Ελλάδος για την προστασία των οικονομικών συμφερόντων της Ευρωπαϊκής Κοινότητας


Association of Hungarian Lawyers for the European Criminal Law Hungary

Magyar Jogászok az Európai Büntetőjogért Egyesület

Prof. Dr. habil. Akos FARKAS President

Dr. György VIRAG General Secretary


Irish Centre for European Law Limited Ireland


Centre for Criminal Tax Law, Turin Italy


Dott. Maria Cristina BRUNO Vice-President & Contact Point


European Criminal Law Centre, Catania Italy


The European Criminal Law Center Association was established on 23 May 1997 in Catania. Its aim is to analyse and discuss the impact of the European integration process on Member States’ criminal law and the progressive development of a European Union criminal law. In order to do so, the Association promotes research activities, the sharing of professional experience and public debate. The European Criminal Law Center intends to raise awareness among legal practitioners and economic actors about the need to ensure adequate protection to EU interests. In this regard, the Association provides information and updates on the field through its own publications and activities. Moreover, it actively contributes to scientific and cultural activities launched and/or supported by the European Commission. In addition, it wishes to further the knowledge of European and international mechanisms for the protection of fundamental rights. In particular, a special consideration is devoted to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, with a view to encourage its use by practitioners.

The European Criminal Law Center includes among its members scholars, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, officials and university students. The European Criminal Law Center is also part of the European Lawyers Associations for the Protection of the Financial Interests of the EU network, comprised of 32 European lawyers’ Associations representing all EU Member States (except Cyprus) together with Switzerland and Turkey. This network, working closely with the European Anti-Fraud Office (Olaf), intends to establish and consolidate itself as a forum able to foster the exchange of knowledge and experience among European practitioners. Its ultimate goal is to improve cooperation among Member States and stimulate the debate about European integration in criminal matters, in particular through specialized publications, conferences, training activities. Comparative studies and research are promoted both at the national level, by each national association, and at the European level, thanks to the partnership between several association. The European Criminal Law Center organizes training and updating initiatives at regional and national level, in collaboration with local Bar Councils, in particular with the Bar Council of Catania and its Legal Training Center. The European Criminal Law Center collaborates closely with the Law Department of the University of Catania. In doing so, they promote initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the European integration process issues among students and young scholars. The Series "Pubblicazioni del Centro di Diritto Penale Europeo" collects monographic works and various contributions on the issues related to the European integration in criminal matters and the protection of fundamental rights at EU and international level. It aims to comply with scholars’, legal practitioners’, officials’ growing need for awareness and knowledge about the increasing impact of EU law on National criminal law and the complex theoretical and practical issues that it involves. Established in 1997, year of foundation of the Centro di Diritto Penale Europeo, the Series currently counts a large number of books, that highlight the significant developments in the European construction, with particular attention to the implications that they have entailed in National criminal law. The published volumes show also the profitable collaborations with important and eminent scientific networks, Universities, Italian and foreign research centers; with professional associations; and with representatives of the main European institutions. It is worth to mention the support by the European Anti-Fraud Office of the European Commission (OLAF), through the Hercule program, to the Centro‘s activities and publications included in the Series. The combination of the theoretical-scientific dimension with the practical one that generally characterizes the Centro di Diritto Penale Europeo’s activities clearly results in the books published in the Series. The added value of such a transversal approach relies on the relevant interest that these volumes raise not only among scholars of criminal law, but also among legal professionals (especially judges and barristers whom many training activities organized by the Centro are addressed to). The reflection and analysis carried out on the issues of crucial relevance for the European project, with a mostly cross-sectional and multi-disciplinary approach, have been and continue to be an important contribution to the scientific debate at national and European level, as well as a useful update and follow-up instrument for legal practitioners, in particular with regard to initiatives and projects under discussion at the institutional level, while providing a favorite channel to influence these decision processes. Since 2016, the Series Pubblicazioni del Centro di Diritto Penale Europeo meets the requirements of the national evaluation mechanisms of the scientific research provided by the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research Systems (ANVUR) and the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), providing for a committee of auditors, appointed to select the works to be included in the Series, on the base of criteria inspired by the quality and value of the proposed works.

Prof. Dr. Giovanni Grasso President

Prof. Dr. Rosaria SICURELLA Vice-President

Dr. Valeria Scalia Secretary Contact Point

Dr. Annalisa Lucifora

Prof. Dr. Giuseppina Panebianco Member of the Board

Prof. Dr. Anna Maria Maugeri

Prof. Dr. Grazia Maria Vagliasindi


Italian Lawyers' Association for the European Community, Rome Italy

Associazione Giuristi Italiani per la Comunità Europea (EURGIT)

Dott. Vania CIRESE General Secretary

Avvocato Riccardo Nodari Contact Point


Association Latvia


Association for European Criminal Law Lithuania

Prof., habil. dr. Gintaras Svedas President and contact point


Luxembourg Observatory of European Law Luxembourg

Observatoire Luxembourgeois de droit européen asbl (OLDE)

OLDE asbl has regrouped several other national associations, including AERPE asbl, the first association in Luxembourg active in the field of European penal law, in order to offer a rallying point for all specialists interested in European law active in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. It covers all aspects of European law and, through at least two events per year, intends to foster a growing interest in this field of law. OLDE is member of FIDE. Its steering comity comprises i.a. the Luxembourg judges at the European courts in Luxembourg and in Strasbourg, representatives of the national corps of judges and prosecutors as well as of the Bar and the University, all of which had been active members of the former associations.

Jeannot NIES deputy general public prosecutor Contact Point

Isabelle PETRICIC-WELSCHEN avocat à la Cour Contact Point


Association Malta


Dutch Law Association for the Study of the Protection of the Financial Interests of the EU Netherlands

Nederlandse Vereniging tot bestudering van de bescherming van de financiële belangen van de EU (Dasec)

Dasec was founded in 1990 as one of the first associations. Since then Dasec has engaged in many activities concerning the legal protection of the financial interests of the EU. First, several conferences were organised, for instance, on:

  • The harmonisation of criminal law provisions concerning the legal protection of financial interests in the member states of the EU (1991)
  • Administrative assistance in EU-fraudcases (1992/1993)
  • Protection against VAT-fraud in the EU (1994) - Structural Funds (1996)
  • Legal instruments for the protection of the financial interests of the EU in the post-Maastricht era (1997) - The Corpus Juris (1999)
  • The legal protection against Euro-fraud (2000)
  • The implementation of Kartel Regulations (2001)
  • The European Public Prosecutor (2003)
  • Transnational (OLAF)Inqueries in the EU (2005/2006)
  • The influence of the EU on Dutch criminal law (2016)
  • OLAF and the EPPO in the new institutional setting (2018).

The contributions to these conferences were gathered in conference books and other publications in, e.g. Agon and eucrim. Beside, other publications were published, e.g.: the Corpus Juris, the legal framework for the European public prosecutor, extradition and the European arrest warrant and European law enforcement agencies. Members of Dasec frequently participate in activities of OLAF and/or other associations on the protection of the EU's financial interests. This has led to many contributions to, for instance, the debate and development of the Corpus Juris, the European public prosecution office, the legal framework of OLAF inqueries and the prevention and settlement of conflict in transnational investigations. On the national level Dasec is part of networks with the Dutch Ministries of Justice and Security, and Home Affairs, as well as members of the parliament and the judiciary and legal practioners that enforce the relevant laws on the protection of the financial interests of the EU.

Prof. John Vervaele President Contact Point

mr.dr. Jaap W.van der Hulst General Secretary/Treasurer Contact Point

Prof. dr. Michiel Luchtman Member of the Board


European Law Research Association Poland

Towarzystwo Badawcze Prawa Europejskiego


Research Center in Financial and Criminal European Law Portugal

Centro de Estudos de Direito Penal e Financeiro Europeu


Association for the Research of the EU Law Romania

Asociatia de Cercetare a Dreptului Penal European (ACDPE)

The Association's objective is to carry out studies and researches in the field of European criminal law and to protect the financial interests of the European Union, as well as to promote the exchange of experience between practitioners and academics at national and European level in this field.

Dr. Anca Jurma President Contact Point

Ioana Candrea Member Contact Point


Association San Marino

Fondazione per lo studio e la ricerca in diritto tributario a finanziaro comparato


Slovak Law Association for the Protection of the Financial Interests of the EU Slovakia

Slovenské združenie právnikov na ochranu finančných prostriedkov Európskeho spoločenstva


Slovenian Association for Criminal Law and Criminology Slovenia

Društvo za kazensko pravo in kriminologijo Slovenije


Association Spain


Society for European Criminal Law Sweden


Association Switzerland


Centre de Recherches et d’Application De Droit Pénal Turkey

CEHAMER (CEZA Hukuku Arastirma ve Uygulama Merkezi)


The European Criminal Law Association - ECLA(UK) United Kingdom