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Welcome to the eucrim website. Eucrim is an online platform that serves as a Europe-wide forum for European criminal and "criministrative" law and intends to encourage discussion among both practitioners and academics. It is addressed to the "pénalistes européens/européennes", to the Members of the Associations of Lawyers of European Criminal Law and the Associations for the Protection of the EU's Financial Interests, as well as all interested parties.

Eucrim contains both news on current developments in European criminal law and articles. Four times per year a journal is published with the news and articles that you also find on this website. The articles regularly refer to a focal topic of an eucrim issue. Eucrim is edited by the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Crime, Security and Law, Freiburg/Germany and co-financed by the European Commission, European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).

Mission Statement

What does eucrim offer?

eucrim contains both news and articles.

News items are published in English and analyze current developments in European Criminal law, in particular as also regards the protection of the European Union's financial interests. They are supplemented by Internet links leading to more detailed information or the documents cited. In the news section, you will also find report summarizing, for instance, past events or the key findings of studies.

Articles focus on and analyze a specific subject in each issue and they can be published in English, French or German.

In addition, we publish announcements on European criminal law-related Events.

How to receive eucrim?

All issues can be downloaded free of charge via this website.

In order to stay informed about eucrim on a regular basis, all interested parties can subscribe under: eucrim-subscribe@csl.mpg.de

Eucrim issues are also printed in a limited number. If you or your organisation is interested in receiving print issues, please contact us under the email address below.

Do you have further enquiries, would like to receive more information about the Associations of European Lawyers, wish to send a manuscript, or would like to briefly inform the general public about ongoing criminal law developments in your country? Please get in touch with us.


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