14 to 15 June 2022 Vilnius, Lithuania

Obtaining e-Evidence when Investigating and Prosecuting Crimes

Focus on internet searches for EU legal practitioners

Published 2 years ago


The objective of this event is to help legal practitioners tackle the challenges and difficulties linked to online investigations. The seminar will provide participants with a thorough understanding of the internet’s architecture and key concepts.

It will then analyse the legal challenges related to digital investigations, enabling participants to grasp the complex issues related to admissibility of e-evidence in court, with a special focus on internet searches.

Key topics
  • Technical issues (internet caches, proxy servers, encryption, deep/dark web, etc.)
  • Legal issues (evaluation of the search results, reliability and credibility of authentication, search across jurisdictions)
  • Challenges posed by websites and social networks
  • Presenting internet searches in court: prosecution and defence perspectives
  • Internet search results in court: a new evidentiary frontier for the judge?

This seminar is part of a large-scale project sponsored by the European Commission entitled “Obtaining e-evidence when investigating and prosecuting crimes”. It consists of six seminars to take place in Dublin, Thessaloniki, Prague, Trier, Cracow and Vilnius.

Who can attend?

Participation is only open to judges, prosecutors and lawyers in private practice from eligible EU Member States upon an application procedure.

For more information on the programme and registration, see the event website.