05 to 06 June 2023 Krakow, Poland

Reducing Demand and Preventing Trafficking in Human Beings

Published 1 year, 1 month ago


This final seminar in a series of three co-financed by the European Commission will analyse the scope of the problem of demand for trafficking in human beings (THB) and how it can be countered with prevention initiatives on demand reduction. Clamping down on new and emerging tools being used by traffickers, in particular in the cyber domain, will be examined.

The work of various EU Member States and (international) organisations attempting to reduce demand will be looked at from both a judicial and a law enforcement perspective, as well as the work done by relevant actors in awareness raising. Regulatory and legal measures to reduce demand, including the criminalisation of the use of services exacted from victims of trafficking, will be illustrated.

Workshops will form a part of the seminar.

Key topics

  • Demand reduction and prevention initiatives
  • Cyber-enabled trafficking and using technology to prevent and counter THB

Who should attend?

Judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, civil society/NGOs from eligible EU Member States (Denmark does not participate in the Internal Security Fund - Police 2014-2020) and eligible Candidate Countries (Albania and Montenegro).

Details on the program, fee and registration can be found on the seminar website.