12 to 13 October 2020

Procedural Rights in Light of the European Arrest Warrant and Detention

Published 2 years, 7 months ago


This seminar will take a detailed look at procedural rights in the context of the European Arrest Warrant as well as pre- and post-trial detention.

Key topics

  • The evolution of the EAW over the last 15 years, its interpretation by the CJEU, and its application today
  • Enforcement of foreign criminal sentences: the EU Directives for pre-trial detention, custodial sentences, supervision of probation measures and alternative sanctions
  • Update on the state of play regarding the EU Directives on procedural rights, i.e. the right to information, legal aid and access to a lawyer, presumption of innocence, and the position of children in criminal proceedings
  • Practical experiences with the application of the Directives from different Member States
  • The need for further measures in the EU