08 July 2021 Online

Criminal proceedings in the EU – the need for more procedural rights?

Published 1 year, 9 months ago

This lunch-time debate aims at presenting an insight into the state of play regarding procedural rights in the EU and discussing the need for further measures. Looking at European criminal justice, for many years, the political focus has been on security issues with numerous measures taken to enhance police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

Recognising this imbalance, action was taken at EU level to strengthen the rights of suspects and accused persons in criminal proceedings throughout the EU by introducing, for instance, an EU-wide right to information, rights to receive legal advice and legal aid, and the right to interpretation and translation. But how far do these rights go? Are they sufficient to guarantee a minimum of procedural safeguards throughout the EU? Is there a need for further measures?

This online debate will offer a platform to discuss these issues together with two long-standing experts in the field of cross-border cooperation in criminal matters in the EU.