27 to 28 March 2023 Online

Transnational Use of Video Conferencing in Criminal Proceedings

Enhancing the use of remote hearings and video testimonies

Published 1 year, 4 months ago


In several Member States of the European Union, videoconferencing has already proven to be an efficient tool in terms of both facilitating cross-border criminal proceedings and reducing the costs involved.

If the benefits of increased videoconferencing are clear, there are undeniable risks and potential drawbacks that must also be considered. A central concern about videoconferencing in EU cross-border criminal proceedings is the status of the suspects held in custody and their access to lawyers.

This online seminar will debate the actions that must be undertaken to make judicial authorities aware of the use of videoconferencing in cross-border criminal proceedings. It will present existing national, European and international experiences and it will assess how the use of videoconferencing can help to rationalise, simplify or possibly complicate criminal procedures and trials. The seminar will include some practical demonstrations. 

Key topics
  • Internet-related challenges and difficulties in videoconferencing
  • National experiences
  • Lessons to be learned from international tribunals
  • Defence rights
Who should attend?

Judges, prosecutors, defence lawyers, law enforcers, civil servants and policymakers active in the field of criminal law.

Interactive Online Seminar

The online seminar will be hosted on the Zoom videoconferencing platform. Participants will be able to interact immediately and directly with ERA's top-level speakers and other participants. ERA will make the most of the technical tools available to deliver an intensive, interactive experience. The highest security settings will be applied to ensure that participants can participate safely in this high-quality online conference.

For further information on the programme, fees and registration see the seminar website.