21 to 25 June 2021 Online

Summer Course on European Criminal Justice Including the Latest Developments on e-Evidence, Artifical Intelligence and Digital Criminal Justice

Published 2 years ago


This online summer course over five half-days will introduce legal practitioners to practical aspects of European criminal justice.

Key topics

  • The institutional framework of European criminal justice
  • Digitalisation and AI in criminal justice 
  • Brexit and cross-border cooperation in criminal matters: state of play
  • Cooperation with Eurojust, EJN, and the newly created EPPO
  • Further tasks for Europol
  • Obtaining (e-)evidence with the proposed European Production and Preservation Orders and the EIO
  • The rights to interpretation and translation, information, access to a lawyer, legal aid, and children in criminal proceedings
  • EU legislation on terrorism, cyber-crime, and THB
  • Asset recovery in the EU
  • Criminal records and the supervision of pre-trial detention, custodial sentences and probation
  • The jurisdiction of the CJEU
  • Victims’ rights in the EU