25 to 29 June 2019 Sarnico (Lake Iseo), Italy

Study Visit to Legal Italy

Published 4 years, 2 months ago

Academic Activities:
  • Lectures on current developments in Italian and European law by:

- Prof. Stefano Maffei, Academic lawyer, University of Parma;

- Prof. Michele Lupoi, Academic and practising lawyer, Expert in civil procedure, University of Bologna

- Prof. Michele Papa, Comparative criminal law expert, former Visiting Prof. at Columbia Law School

  • Observation of trials in the Brescia Court of first instance and court of appeal;
  • Meeting with local judges and lawyers;
  • “Legal English” day with EFLIT participants
Social Activities:
  • Boat tour of Lake Iseo and MonteIsola Island, the largest lake island in Europe
  • Guided tour of a vineyard in the Franciacorta wine region
  • Bike ride around the lake
  • Verona Opera (optional)

If interested please respond "ITALY YES" to: ricci@englishforlaw.it

and we shall get back to you with more information on booking and costs. Maximum number of participants: 15.