19 to 20 September 2022 Bucharest, Romania

(Post-)Covid Challenges in Criminal Justice: Investigating Web 2.0

Published 1 year, 11 months ago

Covid-19 resulted in altering the modi operandi of criminals. Offences related to cybercrime and online criminal activities increased significantly. Trade of illicit goods and services has moved even more to the Darknet; the number of phishing attempts, cases of online fraud, investment fraud, cyberattacks in the health sector and trade in counterfeit medical products has increased. As children spend more time online, the number of child sexual exploitation cases has also risen sharply in Europe. Isolation has made people more vulnerable to internet-related crimes.

This series of events addresses various challenges that judges, prosecutors and lawyers in private practice working in the field of EU criminal justice will have to face for the years ahead. Some of these challenges will  remain in the “new normal” well beyond the end of the pandemic.

This seminar will focus on online investigations.

Key topics

  • Understanding the internet and associated technology
  • Dark web investigations
  • Open source tools (OST)
  • Handling e-evidence in court
  • (Mis)use of cryptocurrencies in criminal justice