15 November 2022 Brussels, Belgium

Sixth edition of the Brussels Privacy Symposium Vulnerable People, Marginalization and Data Protection

Published 6 months, 3 weeks ago

The Brussels Privacy Symposium is a global convening of practical, applicable, substantive privacy research and scholarship, bringing together policymakers, academic researchers, civil society and industry representatives. This year they will explore to what extent data protection and privacy law protect and empower vulnerable and marginalized people. They will also debate how to balance the right to privacy with the need to process sensitive personal information in order to uncover and protect against biases and marginalization.  

This will also be the occasion to officially launch a new joint project: “VULNERA”, The International Observatory on Vulnerable People in Data Protection, co-led by the Future of Privacy Forum and the Brussels Privacy Hub. The aim of the observatory is to promote a mature debate on the multifaceted connotations that the notion of human “vulnerability” and that of “marginalization” may assume in the data protection and privacy domains.