14 to 16 November 2019 Rome, Italy

International Congress of Penal Law 2019

Criminal Justice and Corporate Business

Published 4 years, 6 months ago

The International Association of Criminal Law/AIDP holds its quinquennial Congress in Rome.

The main topic is “Criminal Justice and Corporate Business”.

Subjects will be:

  • Individual Liability for Business Involvement in International Crimes
  • Prosecuting Corporations for Violations of International Law: Jurisdictional Issues
  • Prevention, Investigation, and Sanctioning of Economic Crime
  • Food Regulation and Criminal Justice
  • Combatting corruption in international business
  • Financial markets: regulatory and criminal enforcement
  • Global standards for business criminal law and judicial practice
  • Corporate criminal liability
  • Corporate Criminal Law and Environmental Protection
  • New technologies as means for and tools against crime
  • The Curse of Riches: Extracting Nature's Wealth, Contrasting Claims & Rights and Criminal Law
  • Digital Evidence and Investigating Business Crime
  • Moving towards international and supranational business criminal justice or Business criminal justice beyond nation state