18 December 2018 Brussels, Belgium

Being Profiled: Cogitas Ergo Sum

10 Years of "Profiling The European Citizen"

Published 5 years ago

In 2008 Profiling the European Citizen. Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives was published, wherein lawyers, philosophers and computer scientists investigated the legal, philosophical and computational background of the upcoming algorithmic order.

In June 2018 a largely new group of lawyers, political scientists, computer scientists and philosophers revisited the issues, underpinnings, operations and implications of micro-targeting, data-driven critical infrastructure, ethics-washing, p-hacking and democratic disruption that have now become part of everyday life.

On 18 December the resulting volume:


will be presented and discussed by a panel of policy makers and relevant industry speakers, to celebrate and mourn the increased relevance of Profiling the European Citizen. This event will connect the dots between Profiling the European Citizen (2008) and Being Profiled (2018) by asking the question:

Are we becoming what machines infer about us, or are we?

The event is free to attend, but due to limited capacity, registration is required.