18 to 19 September 2023 Madrid, Spain

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Challenges and Opportunities of Data Protection in Law

Published 8 months, 1 week ago

11th EDEN Conference on Data Protection in Law Enforcement


Join Europe’s most exciting event on data protection in law enforcement on 18-19 September 2023 in Madrid, co-hosted by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior and the Guardia Civil. The 11th EDEN Event will focus on challenges and opportunities of data protection in law enforcement and effective policing in a complex, fast shifting digital world with the need to protect privacy and civil liberties of individuals.

The conference will attempt to approach data protection in law enforcement across different jurisdictions and contexts with the tension between security concerns and individual rights.

The 11th EDEN event intends to cover topics related to

  • Key vulnerabilities of smartphones, smart home devices, and wearables and the potential impact on individuals and law enforcement
  • Complexities and wider implications of new developments in technology, their intersection with cybercrime and their potential impact on security
  • Risk management, collaboration, planning and communication, adaptability and agility in cyber security and data protection compliance
  • Key challenges of DPOs in law enforcement organizations, best practices and strategies in the context of handling data in a compliant way and balancing access and use of personal data with the privacy rights of individuals
  • Latest trends in facial recognition technology in law enforcement and their implications for data protection, including algorithms and their accuracy, facial recognition in real-time surveillance in conjunction with other biometric technologies and the use of super-recognizers in policing
  • Obstacles the police face in order to recover information from mobile phones, the use of end-to-end encryption, and concerns about privacy and the potential for abuse
  • Personal information exchange between intelligence services and law enforcement, benefits and risks of sharing such data, the view to military services, potential overlaps and possible violations of civil liberties and individual privacy

Key topics

  • Vulnerabilities of smart devices and their impact on individuals and law enforcement
  • SecOps and Data Protection in Cyber Space
  • The challenging role of DPOs in law enforcement
  • Latest trends in facial recognition, data protection implications and artificial intelligence
  • The concept of Super-Recognizers in policing
  • The law enforcement vs. mobile phone data challenge
  • Military-to-law enforcement information exchange
  • Fundamental rights at Europol and in the area of cross-border policing

Who should attend?

Law enforcement officials, data protection officers, members of Europol's Data Protection Experts Network (EDEN), representatives of national data protection authorities, academics.

Details on the program, fee and registration can be found on the event website.