14 February 2022 Online

Data Sustainability in the Age of AI

Published 1 year, 1 month ago

The sustainability of AI solutions is inextricably linked with the way they process data. To be really trustworthy and human-centric, AI needs to align with those principles grounding sustainable data processing, including the idea of using –  and sharing –  more accurate and pertinent data. At the same time, AI-based solutions are considered, perhaps too optimistically, the cornerstone of the green transition in the European Union. Even the proposal for an Artificial intelligence Act endorses this approach. In this event, we will discuss how the data and environmental dimensions embedded in the idea of “sustainable AI” interact, with the objective to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of this concept. 

During the event, our distinguished speakers and participants will share their perspectives on the nuances that the ideas of “sustainable AI” and “data sustainability in the AI industry” may assume. They will reflect upon the synergies between data and environmental sustainability goals, discussing to which extent data sustainability could drive the development of greener AI solutions.

Guiding questions for the discussion will be: What should be the characteristics of sustainable AI? Is AI really environmentally friendly? How can data minimization, storage limitation, purpose limitation, privacy by design and other principles on sustainable data processing enhance the environmental sustainability of AI solutions?