06 to 07 September 2021 Online

Applying EU Anti-Discrimination Law

Published 1 year, 8 months ago


The aim of this online seminar is to enable participants to understand and correctly apply the EU anti-discrimination legislation in domestic disputes. The focus will be on certain aspects of practical importance for national judges in the application of the two anti-discrimination Directives 2000/43 and 2000/78. Furthermore, topical and current issues in this field will be discussed. Interaction among participants will be encouraged through periods of discussion and working groups requiring their active participation.

Key topics

  • EU legal framework
  • Key concepts: direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment
  • Burden of proof
  • Remedies and sanctions
  • Religious discrimination at the workplace
  • Disability and reasonable accommodation
  • Hate speech
  • Preliminary ruling procedure

Who should attend?

Judges, prosecutors and other members of the judiciary from the EU, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Interactive Online Seminar

The seminar will be hosted on the online videoconference platform Zoom. The highest security settings will be applied.You will be able to participate actively and interact immediately and directly with our top-quality speakers and other participants, break out into working groups and work on case studies. We will make the most of the technical tools available to deliver an intensive, interactive training experience.

Application procedure

The number of places at the event is limited and participation is subject to a selection procedure. A response will be given to every applicant shortly after the deadline.