31 to 01 May 2022 Luxembourg

EPPO One Year in Action: Towards Resolving Complexity and Bringing Added Value ECLAN Annual Conference

Published 1 year, 1 month ago

Participants at the event will discuss the main complexities stemming from the European Public Prosecutor's Office's (EPPO’s) operational work after its successful start on 1 June 2021. They can exchange ideas on practices for achieving greater added value in the protection of the Union’s financial interests.

Despite the EPPO’s first year in action, several challenges remain to be resolved. These include:

  • The multilevel regulatory complexity regarding EPPO's legal framework;
  • The variable geometries due to the implementation of the rules governing the EPPO's work;
  • Questions regarding the participants to criminal procedure;
  • The EPPO’s cooperation with third countries.

The ECLAN Annual Conference will consist of a scientific event composed of high-profile speakers from various EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies, national practitioners, and prominent academic scholars. This conference will be followed by an event celebrating EPPO’s First Year Anniversary that consists of ceremonial keynote speeches and a roundtable discussion on how to improve the detection of PIF offences.