28 to 29 April 2022 Perugia, Italy

Restorative Justice, Mediation and Protection of EU financial Interests

Published 11 months, 1 week ago

This international conference will illustrate the law and practice of EU countries on alternative dispute resolution in crimes relevant to the EU budget. Experts and academics coming from all over Europe will examine the relevant national provisions and principles governing alternative resolution, diversion and mediation related to financial crimes. They will discuss recent insights at both EU and national levels, including:

  • Key features of alternative resolution, diversion and mediation procedures
  • Case studies and best practices in EU Member States
  • Relevance of restorative justice in EU law

The conference is open. No registration fee is required. 
It will take place in a hybrid format. Participants may join on Zoom.

The conference is supported by the EU Hercule III Programme (2014- 2020).