21 to 22 March 2024 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Recent Trends in the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the EU

Published 4 weeks ago


EIPAs yearly conference will fully immerse the participants in the most relevant case law of the past year. Uncover key judgments on several policy areas, as well as on the relationship between the EU and national legal orders. Discover aspects of the EU’s digital transition and connect with legal experts, practitioners, and academics in a dynamic networking environment.

Key Topics

By attending the conference, participants will

  • stay updated on the most recent and crucial judgements of the Court of Justice across various fields of EU law;
  • gain first-class insights into how the selected judgements may impact the development of EU policies and legal practices, not only at the EU level but also nationally;
  • anticipate issues that the Court will likely clarify in future litigation;
  • become part of a network comprising top experts who share their expertise and best practices.

Moreover, by participating in the 2024 edition, participants will

  • acquire further knowledge about specific aspects of the EU’s digital transition, as inferred from the most recent case law of the Court of Justice;
  • Listen to speeches by high-ranking members of the CJEU and the EPPO, benefiting from their insights into several technical yet crucial aspects regarding their respective roles in enforcing EU law, advancing EU policies, legal practice and shaping future case law.

Course methodology/highlights

The commentaries and analyses of the rulings discussed during the conference will be conducted by prominent specialists in EU law, including Members of the CJEU, the European Chief Prosecutor, EU officials, academics and CJEU legal secretaries.

Each session will be followed by discussions aimed at addressing specific questions and further clarifying key ideas. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange relevant professional experiences during these discussions. Additionally, breaks will offer excellent networking opportunities, allowing legal professionals to socialise and engage on matters related to EU law.

Who should attend?

  • legal professionals within the public and private sectors
  • officials of EU institutions and agencies
  • national civil servants working on EU law issues
  • national magistrates and judicial professionals
  • law enforcement officers
  • academics

Details on the program, fee and registration can be found on the conference website.