09 to 10 November 2020

Computer Forensics in Legal Proceedings Practice of Digital Forensic Investigations

Published 2 years, 6 months ago

Online Conference on
09 November 2020 - 08:30-13:00 CET
10 November 2020 - 08:45-12:30 CET


The main objective of this online seminar is to train EU legal practitioners on the fundamentals of computer forensics, enabling them to gain an understanding of the complex challenges related to criminal cases with tech/internet components. This event will focus on the practice of digital forensic investigations.

Key topics

  • Understanding the internet and associated technology
  • Dark web investigations
  • Open source tools (OST)
  • How to conduct a forensics analysis
  • Handling e-evidence in court

About the Project

This online seminar is part of a large-scale project sponsored by the European Commission entitled “Basic computer forensics skills for EU legal practitioners: practice-oriented training courses to meet the challenges of new technologies”. It consists of six seminars to take place in Vilnius, Lisbon, Zagreb, Prague, Barcelona and Trier.

Participation conditions

  • Registration fee: 55 EUR.
  • Target group: judges, prosecutors and lawyers in private practice.
  • Participation will be subject to a selection procedure.
  • A response will be sent to every applicant after the deadline.
  • Spanish applicants who work for the prosecution service must apply for this event through CEJ.
  • Participants should come from eligible EU Member States (UK and Denmark do not participate in the Justice Programme 2014-2020).

Who should attend?

Judges, prosecutors and lawyers in private practice from eligible EU Member States (UK and Denmark do not participate in the Justice Programme 2014-2020).

Interactive online conference

The online conference will be hosted on ERA’s own online training platform. You will be able to interact immediately and directly with our top-quality speakers and other participants. We will make the most of the technical tools available to deliver an intensive, interactive training experience. As the platform is hosted on our own server, the highest security settings will be applied to ensure that you can participate safely in a high-quality online training environment.