24 September 2020 København, Denmark

EU Police and Judicial Cooperation. Where are we going and what are the consequences of the Danish position? Go Home Meeting

Published 2 years, 12 months ago

With the Lisbon Treaty, the Danish reservation to the police and judicial cooperation in EU came into force. Since then, the EU Member States have adopted a number of legal acts without the participation of Denmark. Denmark has in various ways sought to associate with parts of the cooperation after 2009, including the relationship with Europol and Eurojust and Denmark continue to participate in e.g. the European arrest warrant. After 10 years of post-Lisbon EU-legislation in the field, the Danish representative to Eurojust, Jesper Hjortenberg, evaluates the consequences of the Danish reservation for Denmark's international police and criminal justice cooperation and looks at possible future consequences. Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Copenhagen, Thomas Elholm, gives a short commentary on Mr. Hjortenberg’s presentation.