27 to 01 June 2022 Brussels, Belgium

Summer Academy for Global Privacy Law 2022 - Engineering the Data Regulation(s) in an Age of Reform

Published 1 year, 1 month ago (updated 11 months, 3 weeks ago)

The 2022 Summer Academy for Global Privacy Law will focus on the EU data governance reform, as illustrated in recent regulatory instruments, each found at various stages of a law-making process. Each regulatory text will first be placed within its proper background and ecosystem, before analysing its regulatory approach and (draft) provisions. Particular attention will be paid to its relationship with specific aspects of the EU data protection law, particularly with the GDPR.

The 2022 Summer Academy for Global Privacy Law will take place in a hybrid format, both online and on-site. In the morning, participants will attend lectures by selected speakers including internationally recognised academics, policy makers, data protection authorities, and civil society representatives. In the afternoon, they will engage in interactive sessions and teamwork allowing them to further connect regardless of their location.

Summer Academy will host high-level speakers both from EU institutions, academia and industry representatives. 

Subjects covered will include:

  • Risk assessment;
  • Information obligations;
  • Online platforms and the processing of personal data;
  • Competition law for the digital era;
  • (Re)using public-sector information;
  • Security obligations

For more information on the programme, fees, facilities, etc., see the event webpage.