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Yves-Van-Den-Berge-EPPO_sw.jpg Yves Van Den Berge

Role of the Belgian Investigative Judge in EPPO Cases

17 May 2021 (updated 2 weeks, 4 days ago) // english

Is the Belgian legislative position of retaining the leading role of the investigative judge in certain EPPO criminal investigations in accordance with the EPPO Regulation? In view of the wording of the Regulation and the preparations leading up to it at the European level, the answer can only be in the affirmative.

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zaharova_galina_bw.jpg Galina Zaharova LL.M.

The Influence of the Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in the Case of Tsonyo Tsonev v. Bulgaria
The Application of the ne bis in idem Principle in Bulgaria in Cases of Administrative and Criminal Proceedings for the Same Illegal Act

10 March 2021 (updated 2 months, 1 week ago) // english

This case annotation on the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights of 14 January 2010 in Tsonyo Tsonev v. Bulgaria (№ 2 - application № 2376/03) reveals that the case entails several significant and sensitive issues of fundamental importance, greatly exceeding the dimensions of the specific legal dispute:
- The enforcement of the final judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) against Bulgaria;
- The application of the ne bis in idem rule;
- The interplay between criminal and administrative penal liability of the same person for the same act;
- The role of the interpretative activity of the General Assembly of the Criminal Chambers (GACC) of the Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC) of the Republic of Bulgaria.
This article discusses these items and introduces the reader to the mechanisms in Bulgaria for following up ECtHR judgments, as well as a new approach to the application of … Read more