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Yves-Van-Den-Berge-EPPO_sw.jpg Yves Van Den Berge

Role of the Belgian Investigative Judge in EPPO Cases

17 May 2021 (updated 2 weeks, 4 days ago) // english

Is the Belgian legislative position of retaining the leading role of the investigative judge in certain EPPO criminal investigations in accordance with the EPPO Regulation? In view of the wording of the Regulation and the preparations leading up to it at the European level, the answer can only be in the affirmative.

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Bonzanigo_Francesca.jpg Francesca Bonzanigo MLaw / Ludwiczak_Maria.jpg Dr. iur Maria Ludwiczak Glassey

La coopération pénale entre la Suisse et les États membres de l’Union européenne en matière de blanchiment d’argent

3 May 2021 // french

In order to fight money laundering, efficient international cooperation in criminal matters is necessary. As Switzerland is one of the world’s leading financial centres, it is often approached by foreign states, in particular to obtain bank documents. Switzerland grants extensive judicial cooperation in money laundering matters, provided that foreign requests comply with the requirements of Swiss law on international mutual assistance in criminal matters. The purpose of this contribution is to discuss how the Swiss authorities respond to requests for mutual assistance in money laundering matters submitted by EU Member States. The article does not only give insights into the Swiss law but also into the practice to decide on MLA requests as defined by the Swiss federal courts.

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