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Editorial Editorial eucrim 1-2021

1 June 2021 (updated 2 weeks, 4 days ago) // english

Dear Readers, I have been a prosecutor for half of my life. I have combatted high-level corruption for many years and possess firsthand experience in the vital importance of fairness, the willingness to comply with commonly agreed rules, the ability to administer justice − in other words, the rule of law. This is the core strength of the European Union for me and, I am sure, for millions of European citizens who grew up under dictatorial regimes in a divided Europe: our only effective way to ensure the rule of law is true democracy in a globalised world. One of… Read more

Tamara-Laptos-EPPO_sw.jpg Tamara Laptos

EPPO ‒ Diversity and Challenges in Investigation and Prosecution in 22 Member States

17 May 2021 (updated 2 weeks, 4 days ago) // english

Differences in the criminal systems of the 22 participating Member States will certainly be a challenge for the EPPO when conducting investigations at the national level and, in particular, when using evidence obtained from other Member States. How competent courts in individual Member States react to the impact of evidence gathered in other Member States under the EPPO Regulation will be shown in practice. Surely, the sooner the EPPO starts producing some tangible results, the sooner it will be recognized by European taxpayers as an effective and efficient instrument in the protection of the European Union’s budget.

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