EP: Protection of Women Fleeing Ukraine from Violence and Trafficking
24 May 2022
Pingen Kopie Dr. Anna Pingen

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February more than 5.5 million refugees – 90% of whom are women and children – have fled Ukraine. On 5 May 2022, the European Parliament adopted a resolution in which MEPs strongly condemn the use of sexual and gender-based violence as a weapon of war. They expressed their concerns about the growing number of reports on human trafficking, sexual violence, exploitation, rape and abuse faced by women and children escaping the war.

The resolution also stressed that refugee reception centres need to address the specific needs of women and girls and put in place complaint mechanisms in languages and formats accessible to all. Trafficking networks profiting from sexual exploitation of women refugees should be swiftly identified and prosecuted by Member States and by the Union. The EU, all host and all transit countries should ensure access to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and in particular emergency contraception and abortion care, including for victims of rape.

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