OLAF Detects Major Customs and VAT Fraud with Textiles from China
17 January 2022
2018-Max_Planck_Herr_Wahl_1355_black white_Zuschnitt.jpg Thomas Wahl

On 10 November 2021, OLAF reported that it detected an EU-wide fraud scheme which damaged the EU’s financial interests by €14 million of undeclared customs duties and around €93 of evaded VAT. The investigations involved a total of nearly 2000 consignments of textiles and shoes, which were imported from China through various ports in the EU by UK companies. The fraudsters under-declared the value and they evaded VAT through various shipments in the EU. Goods disappeared from official customs controls and were likely sold on the black market. The case concerned 11 EU Member States to which OLAF send recommendations for recovery. It was also reported to the EPPO for criminal follow-up investigations.

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2018-Max_Planck_Herr_Wahl_1355_black white_Zuschnitt.jpg
Thomas Wahl

Max Planck Institute for the Study of Crime, Security and Law (MPI CSL)

Public Law Department

Senior Researcher