Frontex Signs MoU with Albania

On 6 June 2023, Frontex and Albania signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen their cooperation on the protection of fundamental rights in Frontex operational activities in Albania. Frontex and Albania had been using independent complaint mechanisms to deal with allegations of fundamental rights violations in Frontex operational activities on Albania's territory until now. The Memorandum builds a bridge now between these mechanisms to ensure that all those taking part in such operations respect and protect the fundamental rights of the persons crossing the borders. Under the Memorandum, Frontex is responsible for handling complaints related to alleged misconduct of the agency’s officers, while Albanian authorities will handle complaints about misconduct of their staff.

The MoU is another step in the cooperation between Albania and Frontex. It was preceded by the launch of a joint operation in May 2019, by a renewed working agreement in March 2021 (→eucrim news of 20 May 2021), and by a separate agreement on cooperation and information exchange of February 2022.

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