First Designations under the DSA
13 June 2023
Pingen Kopie Dr. Anna Pingen

Following the entry into force of the Digital Services Act (DSA) (→ eucrim 4/2020, 273–274 and eucrim 4/22, 228-230) in mid-November 2022, the Commission adopted the first designation under the DSA on 25 April 2023. The following platforms are affected:

  • Seventeen Very Large Online Platforms (VLOPs) – including Amazon Store, Apple AppStore, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc.
  • Two Very Large Online Search Engines (VLOSEs) – Bing and Google Search.

They each reach at least 45 million active users monthly. These companies will have four months from designation to comply with the DSA's set of obligations. The DSA aims to empower users, better protect minors, increase transparency and accountability, and ensure more careful content moderation. Designated companies will also have to report their first annual risk assessment to the Commission.