European Training Platform Launched
19 January 2021 (updated 1 year, 5 months ago) // Published in printed Issue 4/2020 p 272
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On 2 December 2020, the Commission launched the test phase of the European Training Platform (ETP). The ETP aims at solving the problem that currently information on judicial training opportunities and training materials is scattered all over the internet. Embedded into the EU’s e-justice portal, the ETP is a search tool by means of which justice practitioners can find training courses and self-training resources on a great variety of EU law. During the test phase, the four recognised EU-level judicial training providers (European Judicial Training Network (EJTN), Academy of European Law (ERA), European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) and European University Institute (EUI)) supply information on their training activities and in different languages. The European Commission contributes to the platform with ready-to-use training materials or handbooks produced notably thanks to EU financial support. Legal professional are able to search according to different search fields (such as topic of the course, venue, date, language and practice area: from civil law, public law, criminal law to fundamental rights, legal language, etc.).

If the test phase is completed, the Commission will explore the possibilities to open the platform to other training providers. The ETP is to be fully operational in the course of 2021. The ETP is closely connected to the Commission’s new strategy on European judicial training for 2021-2024 (--> separate news item), which aims to give a new boost to the trainings of judicial practitioners in the years to come.

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