EU Gets Cybersecurity Competence Centre
28 June 2021
Pingen Kopie Dr. Anna Pingen

On 20 May 2021, the Parliament adopted plans to reinforce Europe’s preparedness and resilience against cyberattacks by creating a pool for innovation and expertise. In order to pool expertise in cybersecurity research and bring the European cybersecurity community of experts together, a new cybersecurity competence centre will open in Bucharest (Romania). The new legislation aims to stimulate the European cybersecurity in order to coordinate and pool relevant resources in the EU. MEP Rasmus Andresen sees in this new legislation a way to “ensure that all the valuable expertise that exists all across Europe ‒ be it in research institutions, small businesses, start-ups, NGOs and the open-source community ‒ are all included in the process of deciding European research priorities.” The cybersecurity centre forms part of plans presented by the European Commission in 2017 to improve the EU’s cyber resilience – the so-called “cybersecurity package” (→ eucrim 3/2017, 110-111).

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