EP Resolution on COViD-19 Pandemic and its Consequences
4 June 2020
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On 17 April 2020, the EP adopted a resolution that deals with a wide range of topics on how the EU can overcome the current COVID-19 pandemic and what the follow-up could look like. MEPs call, inter alia, for a massive recovery and reconstruction package to be financed by an increased long-term budget (MFF), existing EU funds, and financial instruments as well as “recovery bonds” guaranteed by the EU budget. In addition, an EU coronavirus solidarity fund (with at least €50 billion) should be established. It should be designed to make healthcare systems more resilient and focus on those most in need. Other demands include:

  • Joint European Action - which is considered indispensable - to combat the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Greater powers for the EU to act in cases of cross-border health threats;
  • Borders being kept open for essential goods;
  • A coordinated post-lockdown approach in the EU in order to avoid a resurgence of the virus;
  • A European information source to ensure that all citizens have access to accurate and verified information, which should help stop disinformation.

The resolution also contains strong concerns over the threat to the rule of law and other EU values through recent governmental measures in Hungary and Poland on emergence of the Corona crisis. The Commission and Council are now called on to make use of the available EU tools and sanctions to address the serious and persisting breaches by these two EU Member States.

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Thomas Wahl

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