Arrangement with Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Authority
5 July 2023
2018-Max_Planck_Herr_Wahl_1355_black white_Zuschnitt.jpg Thomas Wahl

On 3 July 2023, the EPPO and National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) concluded a working arrangement which aims to foster cooperation particularly in corruption cases affecting the EU’s financial interests.

Regarding operational cooperation, the parties will provide mutual legal assistance to each other and share information available in their respective databases. Information can be exchanged either spontaneously or on motivated request and direct access to the databases is foreseen. The parties agree that MLA requests can be transmitted directly to each other in accordance with the CoE 1957 MLA convention and its protocols. The NABU may also take part in joint investigation teams established by the EPPO and the judicial authorities of Ukraine.

The parties may exchange strategic information and invite each other to training events. In addition, both high-level meetings and technical meetings may be organised. The EPPO also affirms that it will provide technical support to the NABU. Lastly, the arrangement includes several data protection rules.

The arrangement with the NABU is the second one with Ukrainian authorities. In March 2022, the EPPO signed a working arrangement with the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office (→ eucrim 1/2022, 16).

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2018-Max_Planck_Herr_Wahl_1355_black white_Zuschnitt.jpg
Thomas Wahl

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