Policing in Cyberspace

On 25 June 2021, Europol published a spotlight report entitled “The Cyber Blue Line.” It sets out the challenges and issues involved in a growing area of police work dedicated to providing safety and security online. The two authors of the report, Mary Aiken (professor of cyberpsychology) and Dr. Philipp Amann (Head of Expertise & Stakeholder Management at Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre ‒ EC3), take a look at the blurring line between the real and online worlds by asking whether policing should be redefined to accommodate its role in cyberspace. Parameters of law and order may need new concepts to ensure public safety and maintain security and to tackle online dangers, anti-social behaviour, and criminality.

The report is part of a discussion on where law enforcement responsibility lies when it comes to maintaining secure and safe societies in cyberspace. Europol invites academics and thinktanks interested in the topic to get in touch in order to work together to discuss, debate, and conceptualise this “Cyber Blue Line.”

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