FRA Management Board’s Opinion on Multiannual Framework

On 24 February 2021, the FRA Management Board published its opinion on a new Multiannual Framework (MAF) 2023-2027 for the agency.

The Management Board proposes seven key amendments for the Commission to be considered when proposing the new MAF:

  • Clarifying the thematic area of “judicial cooperation”;
  • Adding the thematic areas of “social inclusion and protection; employment” as well as “sustainable development” and “democratic participation”;
  • Revising and widening the thematic area “information society”;
  • Rephrasing current thematic areas where necessary, e.g., with regard to the chapters on victims of crime and access to justice; migration, borders, asylum, and integration of refugees; rights of the child; integration and social inclusion of Roma;
  • Stressing cross-cutting obligations and activities in the preamble of the MAF, underlining that the FRA is neither obliged nor expected to deal with all thematic areas to the same extent.

The opinion also includes a comparative table that details the precise wording the Management Board proposes for the list of thematic areas in the next MAF. Furthermore, a summary of the results achieved through the consultation of stakeholders (held between 21 December 2020 and 15 January 2021) is included in an annex.

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