First Frontex-led Return Operation

On 25 January 2022, for the first time, Frontex conducted a return operation that was fully initiated and organised by the Agency itself. Upon request and decision of a Member State, Frontex is now able to conduct a return operation for the Member State. The return operation of January 2022 involved the return of 40 Albanian citizens from Madrid to Tirana. Frontex's service for return operations include:

  • Dealing with technical and operational assistance in the organisation and coordination of return operations;
  • Providing support in determining the identity of returnees;
  • Cooperating with EU Member States and non-EU countries as well as other stakeholders involved in return management;
  • Chartering airplanes;
  • Engaging return officers from the European Border and Coast Guard standing corps;
  • Taking over the contacts with the countries of return.

The decision about who should be returned remains the responsibility of the judicial or administrative authorities of the Member States.

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