On 9 April 2021, the European Commission adopted Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/581, laying down additional rules for the information exchange and cooperation between EU Member States within the European Border Surveillance System (EUROSUR). New elements include easier and more secure information exchange, more effective reporting, reporting on search and rescue activities, and improved cooperation with third countries.

To better secure information exchange, the Regulation sets up an independent Security Accreditation Board composed of experts from Member States and from the Commission. It will assess the security of the relevant systems and networks in which EUROSUR data are exchanged. Furthermore, information that needs to be included in the situation reports and in the various reports has now been standardised.

In addition, the Regulation introduces monthly reports and case-to-case alerts on any situation having an impact on the EU’s external borders. It also implements additional reporting obligations on incidents and operations related to search and rescue. Lastly, the Regulation contains rules for establishing and sharing specific situational reports with third countries and third parties.

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