Europol Enhances Cooperation with ICC

On 25 April 2023, Europol and the International Criminal Court (ICC) signed a Working Arrangement to enhance their cooperation, in particular through the exchange of information, knowledge, experience, and expertise inherent to their respective mandates. Areas of cooperation under the Arrangement include the following:

  • Exchanging specialist knowledge;
  • Evidence gathering;
  • Generating general situation reports;
  • Sharing results of strategic analysis;
  • Exchanging information on criminal investigation procedures;
  • Providing information on crime prevention methods;
  • Participating in training activities;
  • Providing advice and support in individual criminal investigations.

Both parties shall designate points of contact and organise regular high-level meetings. The ICC may agree to deploy Liaison Officers to Europol. The establishment and operation of a secure communication line for the purpose of exchange of information between Europol and the ICC is also envisaged. Furthermore, the Arrangement sets out rules for the onward transmission of information, the exchange of personal data, the security of information, and for disputes and liability.

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