Eurojust Annual Report 2022 – Criminal Justice Across Borders

At the end of May 2023, Eurojust published its Annual Report for the year 2022. While the past year was marked by responses to the unjustified invasion of Ukraine by Russia (→eucrim news of 5 May 2023), Eurojust also provided support in 11,544 cases in 2022, the highest number for the agency ever:

  • The total number of cases supported by the agency increased 14% compared to the previous year: 5227 cases were new cases and 6317 were ongoing cases from previous years;
  • As in previous years, the majority of new cases concerned swindling and fraud (2028), drug trafficking (1054), and money laundering (1197);
  • Eurojust contributed to the arrest of more than 4000 suspects, the seizure and/or freezing of criminal assets worth almost €3 billion, and the seizure of drugs worth almost €12 billion;
  • It provided operational guidance on the application of EU judicial cooperation instruments, in particular with regard to the European Arrest Warrant (1262 cases) and the European Investigation Order (5415 cases);
  • It provided assistance in 3333 mutual legal assistance cases;
  • It assisted 78 new Joint Investigation Teams (JITs) and provided €1.91 million in JIT funding.

Overall, Eurojust continued to anchor the rights of victims in all its operational casework and helped deliver justice to more than 300,000 victims of all forms of serious, cross-border crime.

In 2022, the agency held international/cooperation agreements with 13 third countries and was actively connected with over 60 jurisdictions worldwide. It also actively cooperated with major players in the EU criminal justice area, such as Europol, OLAF, eu-LISA, FRA, and EUIPO. Furthermore, Eurojust signed a working arrangement with the Iberomerican Association of Public Prosecutors and expanded its Contact Point Network to include Australia, Bahrain, and Morocco.

Alongside various contributions to publications, conferences, and legal drafts, Eurojust also published the commemorative book “20 years of Eurojust: EU judicial cooperation in the making” last year.

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Cornelia Riehle LL.M.

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