Committee of Ministers Declaration on MEDICRIME Convention
29 January 2022
andras_csuri_1fc5ccbce0.jpg Dr. András Csúri

On 16 November 2021, the CoE Committee of Ministers published a declaration on the CoE Convention on the Counterfeiting of Medical Products and Similar Crimes Involving Threats to Public Health (the MEDICRIME Convention → eucrim 2/2016, 84-85). The MEDICRIME Convention, signed in Moscow on 28 October 2011, is the only international criminal law instrument aimed at preventing and combating threats to public health, including those arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. It identifies activities endangering public health as criminal offences, protects victims’ rights, and provides the basis for efficient national and international cooperation. Issues concerning intellectual property rights are outside the scope of the Convention.

The Committee of Ministers reaffirms the key role of the Convention in guaranteeing and promoting the protection of public health by combatting the counterfeiting of medical products and other similar crimes. It is also committed to ensuring that the Convention is given the political support and the tools and means required to reinforce its effectiveness.

The declaration stresses that challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, further highlight the importance of a strong and effective Convention. It underscores the need for one single, guiding committee to monitor implementation and improve States’ capacity to prevent and combat counterfeit medical products and facilitate the Convention’s effective use. The Convention is open for accession by any country in the world and currently has 18 States Parties. Another 18 States are in the process of ratification, which confirms the strong potential effect of this CoE Convention worldwide.

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Dr. András Csúri

Vienna University of Economics and Business