CJEU – Annual Report 2019

According to its newly released Annual Report 2019, the highest-ever number of new cases (1905) were brought before the European Court of Justice and the General Court. 1,739 cases were decided by the CJEU in 2019, and 2,500 cases were pending. The average length of proceedings was approx. 15.6 months (14.4 months at the Court of Justice and 16.9 months at the General Court). Urgent preliminary ruling procedures dealt with at the Court of Justice took 3.1 months on average. 1,245,000 pages were translated by the Courts’ language departments, while simultaneous interpretation was used in 617 hearings and meetings. The Courts received 23,000 visitors, with 2,824 judges coming to the Courts in the context of seminars, training courses, visits, and traineeships. Furthermore, the Courts received around 28,000 requests for information.

Moreover, the report outlines the CJEU’s judicial activities in 2019, looking back at the most important judgements of the year. In 2019, important judgements were taken in the areas of health and environment, rights and obligations of migrants, rule of law, protection of personal data and the internet, protection of worker’s rights, consumers, intellectual property, and state aid. Out of the 966 cases brought before the Court of Justice in 2019, 641 concerned preliminary ruling proceedings and 266 appeals against decisions of the Court of Justice. With 114 cases, the highest number of requests for preliminary ruling proceedings originated from Germany.

Out of the 939 cases brought before the General Court, 848 concerned direct actions, out of which the majority (270 cases) concerned intellectual and industrial property.

In 2019, the CJEU also inaugurated its third tower completing its premises in Luxembourg. A symposium was held to mark the 30th anniversary of the General Court that was established on 25 September 1989.

In 2019, further efforts were taken to increase its efficiency, broaden its presence on social networks, and to strive for an environmentally friendly institution.

Next to the summary given in the Annual Review, the Annual Report 2020 also contains more detailed versions reporting on the CJEU’ Judicial activity and Management outlining the main results of the institution’s administrative activity in 2019.

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