Annual 2017 Report of Frontex
20 October 2018
Riehle_Cornelia_Neu_SW.jpg Cornelia Riehle LL.M.

On 5 May 2018, the Frontex Consultative Forum published its 5th Annual Report, providing an overview of its main activities in 2017. In 2017, the Consultative Forum provided strategic advice on a child protection strategy for Frontex, its fundamental rights accountability and individual complaint mechanisms, and gender mainstreaming in Frontex activities.

The forum dealt with the revision of the Agency’s Fundamental Rights Strategy, its Code of Conduct for all persons participating in Frontex activities, and the Code of Conduct for Return Operations and Return Interventions coordinated or organised by Frontex.

The Consultative Forum also looked at Frontex’ operational activities, the enhancement of child protection in Frontex operations, fundamental rights in Frontex return activities, search and rescue in the context of maritime operations, and the Agency’s engagement with third countries and its impact on fundamental rights.

The Consultative Forum supported Frontex with training materials and methodologies in areas related to fundamental rights.

The report also outlines the Consultative Forum’s priorities for 2018: implementation of the European border and coast guard regulation; revision and further development of the Frontex Fundamental Rights Strategy and its implementing documents; fundamental rights in Frontex operations and return support activities; Frontex training activities with an impact on fundamental rights; and the external evaluation of the Frontex Consultative Forum.

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