Agreement on Eurojust Regulation
20 October 2018
Riehle_Cornelia_Neu_SW.jpg Cornelia Riehle LL.M.

On 19 June 2018, the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council, the European Parliament, and the European Commission agreed on the new Eurojust Regulation. The EU ambassadors confirmed the agreement on 20 June 2018.

Changes under the new Regulation concern the operational and management functions of the College of National Members. Furthermore, an executive board will be set up in order to assist the college in its management functions and to allow for streamlined decision-making on non-operational and strategic issues. The Commission will be represented in both the college and the executive board. Importantly, a mechanism of joint evaluation of Eurojust’s activities by the European Parliament and national parliaments will be stablished to increase the agency’s transparency and democratic oversight. Lastly, a new data protection regime will be installed and adapted to the recent legal framework on data protection for EU institutions. Ultimately, the revision of the Eurojust Regulation shall also take into account the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO).

The agreement is now pending formal approval by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU.

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Cornelia Riehle LL.M.

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