Stefan D. Cassella


United States of America United States of America

Institution: Asset Forfeiture Law, LLC

Stefan D. Cassella is CEO of the consulting firm AssetForfeitureLaw, LLC. He is a former federal prosecutor who served for 30 years in the US Department of Justice, specialising in money laundering and asset forfeiture cases. He is the author of two treatises: Federal Money Laundering: Crimes and Forfeitures (2d ed. 2020), and Asset Forfeiture Law in the United States (3d ed. 2022).

Articles in eucrim

  1. Yachts and Airplanes: What Procedures and Legal Theories Are Being Used to Forfeit Russian Assets in the United States?
    Published online 6 February 2023 // Published in printed Issue 4/2022 pp 273 – 278
  2. Obtaining Records from a Foreign Bank
    Published online 16 August 2019 // Published in printed Issue 2/2019 pp 145 – 148
  3. Civil Asset Recovery: The American Experience
    Published online 14 August 2019 // Published in printed Issue 3/2013 pp 98 – 104

News in eucrim

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