23 to 24 April 2020 Rome, Italy

Healthcare Fraud in the EU European and National Perspectives

Published 4 months ago (updated 4 months ago)


Fraud, corruption and waste are major threats to the sustainability of healthcare systems in Europe. Criminal networks operating cross-border are attracted by the huge profits to be made through healthcare fraud. Rooting out healthcare fraud is central to the well-being of citizens and the overall economy.

This conference will examine how well-coordinated and cross-sectoral action at European level can identify, investigate and prosecute healthcare fraudsters and dismantle the networks behind these crimes. It will focus on examples of best practice in solving the problems and challenges identified and on developing a preventive and cooperative approach.

Key topics

  • Healthcare fraud as a phenomenon of endemic proportions
  • Dismantling criminal organisations
  • Investigating and prosecuting offences in the healthcare sector
  • EU cooperation in healthcare to reduce risks whilst fighting fraud and corruption
  • EU policymaking and governance in healthcare

Who should attend?

Judges, prosecutors, lawyers in private practice, in-house counsel, lawyers in national ministries, authorities dealing with healthcare fraud, risk managers, members of medical and scientific associations.

For details about the programme, fees, and registration, see the event webpage.